Otomobile Shoppe are scum

Otomobile Shoppe are the dodgiest car dealers I’ve ever met!

The Beginning with Otomobile Shoppe

So I rocked up at Otomobile Shoppe and started speaking to a gentleman about a Subaru they had for sale. It was quite a nice car, but I wasn’t sure if I could afford it. It was priced well above market value, but I didn’t mind, it was a nice looking car.

The gentleman from Otomobile Shoppe told me he’d be able to achieve me finance no problem. I thought this was great, and he signed me up on the spot. It was a saturday, he told me the finance would be handled on Monday.

Otomobile Shoppe Finance

Come Monday I get a call from the finance company adjoined to Otomobile Shoppe and they run through all of my details, i.e. income, address and all of my particulars.

Everything seemed above board, until they repeated the details to me, and some of it was clearly not what I had told them. I was currently on a 3 month contract for work, not full-time. They also fudged my expenses, and wrote down an incorrect rental agreement I was under.

Upon hearing this news, I told them I was very uncomfortable with this, and also with the deal in total. I informed them that I would need to re-think my situation with purchasing the car, as I don’t deal with dodgy operators, and if this is how they work, I have serious doubts about the reliability of the car in general

Trying to get out of a deal with Otomobile Shoppe is murder!

So I called up the gentleman who sold me the car the day after speaking with the finance company, and informed him of how I was very uncomfortable with their finance arrangement, and that I am no longer interested in taking the car. He told me “No problem, however the 48 hours cooling off period is over, so you owe 10% of the value of the car payable immediately”. Having already given a small deposit, I brought this up, he said it would not be refunded, and if the rest was not received immediately, Otomobile Shoppe would be filing to have a Default placed on my credit.

Deciding to go through with the purchase from Otomobile Shoppe

After weighing up the 10% of the cost of the car, I decided I’d be best to go through with it (Worst decision of my life). I let them know, and attended a meeting with the bank the finance company from Otomobile Shoppe put me onto. The loan was nothing like the one the salesman told me it would be, it even included $900 payable to Otomobile Shoppe‘s finance company which I was ofcourse previously unaware of. But, upon saying anything, I was simply put back onto the fact that I’d have to pay 10% of the value of the car if I didn’t take this loan (only one loan was offered, and it was made clear no other would be offered from Otomobile Shoppes finance company – it also had some dodgy details in it still).

Life after picking up the car from Otomobile Shoppe

So I’d bought the car, picked it up, and to begin with it seemed relatively fine. This was ofcourse until I was pulled over by the police only 7 days after picking up the car.

The car was apparently very well known by the police in my area, and the previous owner was the president of a bikie gang. After being searched down to my underwear due to this (which has since happened 4 times in 12 months) I was promptly defected for:

  • Exhaust was too loud
  • It had an illegal blow-off valve
  • Illegal Air intake

After getting the defect, I rang Otomobile Shoppe and they were of no assistance. They told me that I bought the car as-is, and it was my problem. After numerous calls relayed between them and The Department Of Fair Trading they agreed to fix the defects.

I dropped the car off to them, and they told me it would be 5 working days. 12 working days later I actually got my car back – I was with a car without weeks due to this.

Worse yet – while they had cleared the defect, the Otomobile Shoppe mechanic had not actually fixed them – they had given me a Dodgy Blue Slip. The car was still far too loud, and I even found out upon my next service that YES, they HAD removed the air filter – but had left it WITHOUT one completely! Apparently I was very lucky nothing bad happened.

Problems with my car from Otomobile Shoppe in the last year and a half

Here is a consolidated list of issues I’ve had with the car that I haven’t really touched on yet. This list is so big that I won’t elaborate too much on each, but let’s just say my gut feeling about them being dodgy was right – Otomobile Shoppe sold me a lemon!

  • 2x Rims were bent – causes tires to go flat, needed replacing
  • Exhaust Welds have cracked, needed entire mounting system replaced
  • Drivers Window is broken, won’t go all of the way up. Completely stuffed, needs an ENTIRE NEW DOOR TO BE FIXED
  • All other power windows take 2 minutes plus to go up, need assistance by pushing them up
  • It CAUGHT FIRE – it had dodgy fuses in the fuse-box – engine bay went up in flames, electrical short blew out the dash, every globe in the car, and everything electrical (demisters, speedo, you name it!)
  • Accelerator Cable got stuck – this one almost killed me, entire thing needed replacing
  • Water pump died
  • Too many bits and pieces to name have broken off, i.e. buttons, air conditioning vents, all kinds of things.

Overall what I think of Otomobile Shoppe

From my personal experience, they are one of the dodgiest operators in the game. I’ve made this page to get the word out, and won’t stop until it outranks them on google. Tell your friends about it – these are the guys who give used car salesmen a bad name! They’re straight-up criminals.

Otomobile Shoppes details

Just so everyone knows who I’m talking about, here are their details so they can be avoided like the black plague

Feel free to leave your comments and thoughts guys! Also, to help me hit the top of google, share this with your friends, post it on your own blogs, and overall get my message out there!

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